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Plushuis (Plushouse) was founded in 2016 bij Nicolaas van Everdingen and Lars Boelen who found each other on Twitter in 2014 and were both involved in selling advice to home owners who want to transistion away from natural gas heating to "fossil free" ways of living. We both realised that focussing on "payback times" and "lowest price guaranteed" were not going to help our customers in the long run. We made a radical decision to focus on one market segment and only help the top of the housing market. Our customers realise that investing in the quality of their house will improve comfort AND make it possible to move away from fossil fuels.

We've invested heavily in building a network of suppliers and builders who help us build the product we describe in our customer advice because paper reports don't automatically translate into actions being taken and we want our advice to be taken seriously.


The Plushuis advisors

Gelderland / Utrecht

Nicolaas van Everdingen - System Integrator

Rietveldlaan 11

6717 KZ Ede

Tel: 06 4314 8464

Email : Nicolaas@Plushuis.nu


Brabant / Limburg

Lars Boelen - Business Developer

Odahoevestraat 47

6002 CT Weert

Tel: 06 2386 1080

Email : Lars@Plushuis.nu

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